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Absolutely impossible! 絕對不可能的!

All I have to do is learn English. 我所要做的就是學英語。

Are you free tomorrow? 你明天有空嗎?

Are you used to the food here? 你習慣吃這兒的飯菜嗎?

Be careful. 小心、注意。

Be my guest. 請便、別客氣。

Better late than never. 遲到總比不做好。

Better luck next time. 祝你下一次好運。

Better safe than sorry. 小心不出大錯。

Can I have a day off? 我能請一天假嗎?

Can I help? 要我幫忙嗎?

Can I take a message? 要我傳話嗎?

Can I take a rain check? 你能改天再請我嗎?

Can I take your order? 您要點菜嗎?

Can you give me a wake-up call? 你能打電話叫醒我嗎?

Can you give me some feedback? 你能給我一些建議嗎?

Can you make it? 你能來嗎?

Can I have a word with you? 我能跟你談一談嗎?

Catch me later. 過會兒再來找我。
Cheer up! 高興起來!振作起來!

Come in and make yourself at home. 請進,別客氣。

Could I have the bill, please? 請把賬單給我好嗎?

Could you drop me off at the airport? 你能載我到飛機場嗎?

Could you speak slower? 你能說得慢一點

Could you take a picture for me? 你能幫我拍照嗎?

Did you enjoy your flight? 你的飛行旅途愉快嗎?

Did you have a good day today? 你今天過得好嗎?

Did you have a nice holiday? 你假期過得愉快嗎?

Did you have fun? 你玩得開心嗎?

Dinner is on me. 晚飯我請客。

Do you have a room available? 你們有空房間嗎?

Do you have any hobbies? 你有什么愛好嗎?

Do you have some change? 你有零錢嗎?

Do you mind my smoking? 你介意我抽煙嗎?

Do you often work out? 你經常鍛煉身體嗎?

Do you speak English? 你會說英語嗎?

Don’t be so modest. 別這么謙虛。

Don’t bother. 不用麻煩了。

Don’t get me wrong. 別誤會我。

Don’t give up. 別放棄。

Don’t jump to conclusions. 不要急于下結論。

Don’t let me down. 別讓我失望。

Don’t make any mistakes. 別出差錯。

Don’t mention it. 不必客氣。

Don’t miss the boat. 不要坐失良機。

Don’t take any chances. 不要心存僥幸。

Don’t take it for granted. 不要想當然。

Don’t worry about it. 別擔心。

Easy come, easy go. 來得容易,去得快。

Enjoy your meal. 請慢慢享用吧。

Easier said than done. 說明容易做時難。

First come, first served. 捷足先登。

For here or to go? 在這兒吃還是帶走?

Forget it. 算了吧。

Forgive me. 請原諒我。

Give me a call. 給我打電話。

Give my best to your family. 代表向你們全家問好。

Have him return my call. 讓他給我回電話。

Have you ever been to China? 你去過中國嗎?

Have you finished yet? 你做完了嗎?

Have you got anything larger? 有大一點兒的嗎?

Have you got that? 你明白我的意思嗎?

Have you heard from Mary? 你收到瑪麗的來信嗎?


He is in conference. 他正在開會。

Help yourself, please. 請自己用。

Hold your horses. 耐心點兒。

How can I get in touch with you? 我怎樣能跟你聯絡上?

How do I look? 我看上去怎么樣?

How is it going? 情況怎么樣?

How late are you open? 你們營業到幾點?

How long did it last? 持續了多久?

How long will it take me to get there? 到那兒要多長時間?

How much is it? 多少錢?

How often do you eat out? 你隔多久在外面吃一次飯?

I apologize. 我很抱歉。

I appreciate your invitation. 感謝你的邀請。

I assure you. 我向你保證。

I bet you can. 我確信你能做到。

I can manage. 我自己可以應付。

I can’t afford it. 我買不起。

I can’t believe it. 我簡直不敢相信。

I can’t resist the temptation. 我不能抵擋誘惑。

I can’t stand it. 我受不了。

I can’t tell. 我說不準。

I couldn’t agree more. 我完全同意。

I couldn’t get through. 打不通電話。

I couldn’t help it. 我沒有辦法。

I didn’t mean to. 我不是故意的。

I don’t know for sure. 我不能肯定。

I enjoy your company. 我喜歡有你做伴。

I enjoyed it very much. 我非常喜歡。

I envy you. 我羨慕你。

I feel like having some dumplings. 我很想吃餅子。

I feel terrible about it. 太對不起了。

I feel the same way. 我也有同感。

I have a complaint. 我要投訴。

I have nothing to do with it. 那與我無關。

I haven’t the slightest idea. 我一點兒都不知道。

I hope you’ll forgive me. 我希望你能原諒我。

I know the feeling. 我知道那種感覺。

I mean what I say. 我說話算數。

I owe you one. 我欠你一個人情。

I really regret it. 我真的非常后悔。

I suppose so. 我想是這樣。

I thought so, too. 我也這樣以為。

I understand completely. 我完全明白。

I want to report a theft. 我要報一宗盜竊案。

I want to reserve a room. 我想預訂一個房間。

I was just about to call you. 我正準備打電話給你。

I was moved. = I was touched. 我很受感動。

I wasn’t aware of that. 我沒有意識到。

I wasn’t born yesterday. 我又不是三歲小孩。

I wish I could. 但愿我能。

I wouldn’t worry about it, if I were you. 如果我是你,我就不會擔心。

I’d like a refund. 我想要退款。

I’d like to deposit some money. 我想存點兒錢。

I’d like to make a reservation. 我想訂票。

I’ll be right with you. 我馬上就來。

I’ll check it. 我去查一下。

I’ll do my best. 我將會盡我最大努力。

I’ll get it. 我去接電話。

I’ll give you a hand. 我來幫助你。

I’ll have to see about that. 這事兒我得想一想再定。

I’ll keep my eyes open. 我會留意的。

I’ll keep that in mind. 我會記住的。

I’ll pick up the tab. 我來付帳。

I’ll play it by ear. 我將隨興而定。

I’ll see what I can do. 我看一看能怎么辦。

I’ll show you. 我指給你看。

I’ll take care of it. 我來辦這件事。

I’ll take it. 我要了。

I’ll take your advice. 我接受你的忠告。

I’ll think it over. 我仔細考慮一下。

I’ll treat you to diner. 我想請你吃晚飯。

I’ll walk you to the door. 我送你到門口。

I’m broke. 我身無分文。

I’m crazy bout English. 我非常喜歡英語。

I’m easy to please. 我很隨和。

I’m glad to hear that. 聽到這消息我很高興。

I’m glad you enjoyed it. 你喜歡我就高興。

I’m good at it. 我做這個很在行。

I’m in a good mood. 我現在心情很好。

I’m in good shape. 我的身體狀況很好。

I’m just having a look. 我只是隨便看看。

I’m looking for a part-time job. 我正在找兼職工作。

I’m looking forward to it. 我盼望著這件事。

I’m lost. 我給搞糊涂了。

I’m not feeling well. 我感覺不舒服。

I’m not myself today. 我今天心神不寧。

I’m not really sure. 我不太清楚。

I’m on a diet. 我正在節食。
I’m on my way. 我這就上路。

I’m pressed for time. 我趕時間。

I’m sorry I’m late. 對不起,我遲到了。

I’m sorry to hear that. 聽到這個消息我感到遺憾。

I’m under a lot of pressure. 我的壓力很大。

I’m working on it. 我正在努力。

I’ve changed my mind. 我已經改變主意。

I’ve got a headache. 我頭痛。

I’ve got my hands full. 我手頭正忙。

I’ve got news for you. 我要告訴你一個好消息。

I’ve got no idea. 我不知道。

I’ve had enough. 我已經吃飽了。

if I were in your shoes. 如果我站在你的立場上。

Is that OK? 這樣可以嗎?

Is this seat taken? 這位子有人坐嗎?

It all depends. 視情形而定。

It can happen to anyone. 這事可能發生在任何人身上。

It doesn’t make any difference. 都一樣。

It doesn’t matter to me. 這對我來說無所謂。

It doesn’t work. 它出故障了。

It drives me crazy. 它使我快要發瘋了。

It isn’t much. 這是微不足道的。
It really comes in handy. 有了它真是方便。

It slipped my mind. 我不留神忘了。

It takes time. 這需要時間。

It will come to me. 我會想起來的。

It will do you good. 這會對你有好處。

It won’t happen again. 下不為例。

It won’t take much time. 不會花很多時間。

It won’t work. 行不通。

It’s nice meeting you. 很高興認識你。

It’s a deal. 一言為定。

It’s a long story. 真是一言難盡。

It’s a nice day today. 今天天氣很好。

It’s a once in a lifetime chance. 這是一生難得的機會。

It’s a pain in the neck. 這真是苦不堪言。

It’s a piece of cake. 這很容易。

It’s a small world. 這世界真小。

It’s a waste of time. 這是浪費時間。

It’s about time. 時間差不多了、是時候了。

It’s all my fault. 都是我的錯。

It’s awesome. 棒極了!

It’s awful. 真糟糕。

It’s been a long time. 好久不見了。

It’s better than nothing. 總比沒有好。

It’s essential. 這是必要的。

It’s hard to say. 很難說。

It’s incredible. 令人難以置信、不可思議。

It’s just what I had in mind. 這正是這想要的。

It’s my pleasure. 這是我的榮幸。

It’s no big deal. 這沒什么大不了的。

It’s not your fault. 不是你的錯。

It’s nothing. 小事情、不足掛齒。

It’s only a matter of time. 這只是時間問題。

It’s out of the question. 這是不可能的。

It’s time for dinner. 該吃晚飯了。

It’s up in the air. 尚未決定。

It’s up to date. 這個很時興。

It’s up to you. 一切由你決定。

It’s very popular. 它很受歡迎。

It’s worth seeing. 它絕對值得一看。

Just let it be. 就這樣吧。

Just to be on the safe side. 為安全起見。

Keep the change. 不用找了。

Keep up the good work. 再接再厲。

Keep your fingers crossed. 為成功祈禱吧。


Kill two birds with one stone. 一舉兩得。

Let me get back to you. 我過一會兒打給你吧。

Let me guess. 讓我猜一猜。

Let me put it this way. 讓我這么說吧。

Let me see. 讓我想一想。

Let’s call it a day. 我們今天就到這兒吧。

Let’s celebrate! 讓我們好好慶祝一下吧!

Let’s find out. 我們去問一下吧。

Let’s get to the point. 讓我們言歸正傳。

Let’s get together sometime. 有時間我們聚一下吧。

Let’s hope for the best. 讓我們往好處想吧。

Let’s keep in touch. 讓我們保持聯系。

Let’s make up. 讓我們言歸于好吧。

Let’s go visit them. 讓我們去拜訪他們吧。

Let’s talk over dinner. 我們邊吃邊談吧。

Long time no see. 好久不見。

Look before you leap. 三思而后行。

May I ask you a question? 我可以問一個問題嗎?

May I have a receipt? 我可以要一張收據嗎?

May I have your name, please? 請問你叫什么名字?

May I pay by credit card? 我可以用信用卡付款嗎?

May I try it on? 我能試穿一下嗎?

Maybe it will work. 也許這個辦法會有效。

Maybe some other time. 也許下一次吧。

My mouth is watering. 我在流口水了。

My phone was out of order. 我的電話壞了。

No pain, no gain. 不勞則無獲。

No problem. 沒問題。

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所愿,無事不成。

Pain past is pleasure. 過去的痛苦即是快樂。

Please accept my apology. 請接受我的道歉。

Please don’t blame yourself. 請不要責怪你自己。

Please leave me alone. 請別打擾我。

Please let me know. 請告訴我一聲。

Please make yourself at home. 請別客氣。

Please show me the menu. 請把菜單給我。

Probably. 可能吧。

So far, so good. 到目前為止還好。

Something must be done about it. 必須得想個辦法。

Something’s come up. 發生了一些事。

Storms make trees take deeper roots. 風暴使樹木深深扎根。

Suit yourself. 隨你便。

Take care. 請多保重。

Take it or leave it. 要不要由你。

Take my word for it. 相信我的話。

Take your time. 慢慢來。

Thank you all the same. 不管怎樣還是要謝謝你。

Thank you for everything. 感謝你做的一切。

Thanks a million. 非常感謝。

Thanks for the warning. 謝謝你的提醒。

Thanks for your cooperation. 多謝合作。

That couldn’t be better. 那再好不過了。

That depends. 看情況。

That makes sense. 那可以理解。

That reminds me. 那可提醒我了。

That rings a bell. 我總算想起來了。

That sounds like a good idea. 那聽上去是個好主意。

That’s all right. 沒關系。

That’s disgusting. 真討厭。

That’s fair. 那樣公平。

That’s for sure. 那是肯定的。

That’s good to know. 幸好知道了這件事。

That’s just what I was thinking. 我也是這么想的。

That’s life. 這就是生活。

That’s more like it. 那樣才像話。

That’s not a problem. 那沒問題。

That’s ridiculous. 那太荒唐了。

That’s the way I look at it, too. 我也是這么想。

That’s the way it is. 就是這么回事。

That’s worthwhile. 那是值得的。

The same to you. 你也一樣。

The shortest answer is doing. 最簡短的回答是干。

The sooner, the better. 愈快愈好。

There is a call for you. 有你的電話。

There is no doubt about it. 那是毫無疑問的。

There is nothing I can do. 我無能為力。

There’s a possibility. 有這個可能。

These things happen all the time. 這是常有的事。

This soup tastes great. 這個湯非常美味。

Time is money. 時間就是金錢。

Tomorrow never comes. 莫依賴明天。

Two heads are better than one. 人多智廣。

We are in the same boat. 我們的處境相同。

We can get by. 我們過得去。

We can work it out. 我們可以解決這個問題。

We have a lot in common. 我們有很多相同之處。
We’ll see. 再說吧。

What a coincidence! 真是太巧了!

What a shame! 真是遺憾!

What are you up to? 你在忙什么呢?

What are you talking about? 你在說什么?

What are your plans for the weekend? 你周末計劃做什么?

What can I do for you? 要我幫忙嗎?

What do you do for relaxation? 你做什么消遣。

What do you recommend? 你推薦什么?

What do you think of my new car? 你覺得我的新車怎么樣?

What do you think of it? 你覺得怎么樣?

What is it about? 這是關于什么的。

What is it like there? 那兒怎么樣?

What makes you say so? 你怎么這么說呢?

What’s going on? 發生了什么事了?

What’s on your mind? 你在想什么呢?

What’s the deadline? 截止到什么時候?

What’s the matter with you? 你怎么啦?

What’s the purpose of your visit? 你來訪的目的是什么?

What’s the weather like? 天氣怎么樣?

What’s your favorite food? 你最喜歡的食物是什么?

What’s your job? 你做什么工作?

Whatever you think is fine with me. 我隨你。

When is the most convenient time for you? 你什么時候最方便?

When will it be ready? 什么時候能準備好?

Where are you going? 你去哪兒?

Where can I check in? 在哪兒辦理登記手續?

Where can I go for help? 我該怎么辦呢?

Where do you live? 你住在哪兒?

Where have you been? 你去哪兒了?

Where is the rest room, please? 請問洗手間在哪兒?

Where were we? 我們說到哪兒了?

Who is in charge here? 這里誰負責?

Would you care for a drink? 你要不要來點兒喝的?

Would you do me a favor? 你能幫我一個忙嗎?

You are just saying that. 你只是說說而已。

You are kidding. 你開玩笑吧。

You are so considerate. 你真有心。

You can count on me. 你可以指望我。

You can say that again. 我同意。

You can’t complain. 你該知足了。

You deserve it. 這是你應得的。

You did a good job. 你干得很好。

You get what you pay for. 一分錢一分貨。

You got a good deal. 你買得真便宜。

You need a vacation. 你需要休假。

You never know. 世事難料。

You said it. 你算說對了。

You should give it a try. 你應該試一試。

You should take advantage of it. 你應該好好利用這個機會。

You will be better off. 你的狀況會好起來的。

You will have to wait and see. 你得等一等看。

You’ll get used to it. 你會習慣的。

You’ve dialed the wrong number. 你撥錯電話號碼了。

You’ve got a point there. 你說的有道理。

You’ve got it. 你明白了。

You’ve made a good choice. 你的眼力不錯。

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 包你滿意。



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